Sunday, August 10, 2008

What is a mother agent?

What is a mother agent?  Well, let me tell you :)  Welcome to m.m.t. agency.  We are a training facility and a booking agency.  Our focus is development of ages 5 & up for the industry guided by me, Marion Webb, your mother agent.  

A mother agent is your guider and protector in the industry....that's of course if your mother agent is reputable.  You must be so careful in anything to do with the entertainment industry and fashion!  There are no guarantees and you shouldn't trust anyone who promises you quick stardom!  You also should not have to pay tons of upfront money to be a part of an agency.  If you pay money, it should be for a service ie: training, pictures, comp cards.  Even then, you should not have to pay thousands of dollars to get started.  Be smart.  Investigate everything about what it is your are getting into. That's really important.  A mother agent can negotiate contracts for you, explain the verbage and contracts needed to be in this industry.  A mother agent should always have your best interests at heart.  Your mother agent is the good and bad guy if needed.  They should be knowledgeable and caring and have success stories.  Check out our website at  Read all about us!  We are excited you stopped by.  We will be working hard to bring you important info and updates about success stories so you can understand "what" it is we do:)  I am here to help!  Be smart!


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