Thursday, October 23, 2008


My friend Eric Macek, singer-songwriter is working it and working it well!  His desire to "make it" in the music industry is paying off with years of hard work and determination!  His never ending desire to play his music never tires. His myspace is AWESOME and so I just have to share it with you all!  I am continually telling people that have a desire to pursue the industry of entertainment that we as Agents can't just make you a star!  You MUST put forth a lot of effort on your it thrills me to see my friend Eric pursuing his dream with a constant move in motion, the right direction, the willingness to learn and grow to make his dream come true!  

When I first met Eric 3 years ago now...I was immediately drawn to him.  I watched him take a stage and WE as an audience were enamored with him!  He just has it!  

Macek...born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania....has quite the cool story....which you can read ALL about on his myspace  ....

What other's have said.... "Eric Macek is destined to leave his mark and be captured in the same breath as heavy hitters such as Dave Matthews Band or G. Love & special Sauce" 
--Geoffrey Dellinger, VP of Music, Entertainment World 

You can read ALL ABOUT Macek and hear his gorgeous music on his myspace or better yet, buy the album on itunes!  All the info and more on his myspace now!

Best of luck to you Macek! We at MMTA will ALWAYS love and support you!


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