Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Workshops, Pageants, NEWS and MORE!

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Fall NEWS, Workshops, COMING UP, & more.....

Happy Fall!

I love the cooler weather and we have had a little more sunshine than usual here in the last few days which is so nice! I hope this note finds you all doing well. We have lot's of exciting things happening at MMTA! We are so blessed and I wanted to reach out and say HELLO to you and I hope you are making the most of each of your days! I have a family member suffering from cancer right now and it makes me so aware of how precious our time is here. I encourage each of you to reach out to someone in need. We did another video for Barlow Girls a couple of weeks ago that I hope to be sharing with you soon. It is the 2nd release off of their new CD and in this video at the end it says "Everyday we walk by someone who needs help. Will you take the time to help someone?" We hear horror stories on the news of abductions and crime and awful things! We see bullying and hate. Are we paying attention? I know I am constantly in a hurry, busy, trying to fit it all together that I only make enough time for my family. But what have I missed? Is there more we can do to help those in need? It doesn't have to be monetary....TIME....TIME is what people need. Someone to talk to or visit with. Be a mentor or a positive influence to someone who needs you....and PLEASE.....let's all pay better attention~ Don't be afraid to stand up for someone who is afraid to stand up for themselves. USE YOUR VOICE! INSPIRE or BE INSPIRED! I pray that your "glass is FULL" today.....

My very BEST to you!

Watch MMTA's Actress
"I Didn't Know I was Pregnant"
at 8PM on TLC/Discovery Health

Nyoka, has been living and working in LA since her start with MMTA 3 years ago! She has been working on a host of Theater, Film, and TV Commercials!
We are very PROUD of NYOKA and always have her in our PRAYERS!

Check her out tonight if you can!
REMINDER: Our Christmas Show Rehearsal is THIS SUNDAY! Remember your NOTEBOOKS, SKITS, TV COMMERCIALS & SONGS! Please also remember to bring your MONOLOGUES YOU ARE CONSIDERING so we can help you TWEAK them :)

WHEN: Sunday October 25, 2009
WHERE: The Community Center (Tracy Stallings Building)
118 South White Street
Carrollton, GA 30117
TIME: 1:45 to 4:45
COST: $65

ARYN WILL BE WITH US THIS SUNDAY!!!!!! After TRAVELING the GLOBE for the last 8 months....Aryn is HOME and coming to see us this Sunday! Models, come out to see Aryn and LEARN! She is so wonderful and we are excited to see her! We are so fortunate to have our Success Stories come in to see us when they can!

I am so EXCITED to ANNOUNCE that we are SPONSORING a
DENIM & T-SHIRT PAGEANT! heard right....a PAGEANT! But NOT your typical PAGEANT! This PAGEANT will FOCUS on Poise, self-esteem, confidence, inner beauty and LEARNING how to LOVE YOUR SELF!

December 19, 2009
Ages 4 to 18
Boys and Girls WELCOME!
We will START with a Workshop that day from
1-3PM where we will work with ALL the Contestants on Poise, building self-esteem, photo movement in front of the camera, character role play, on the IMPORTANCE of body image and LOVING YOURSELF from the INSIDE OUT at EVERY AGE!

That Evening....From 7-9 Our Event will PRESENT our Talent on Stage and show what they have learned by poise, eye contact, smiling and a PLATFORM that they will create:
"My Favorite Thing About Me Is"

ALL CONTESTANTS will receive AWARDS, Special Trophies and a booklet of their journey. We will also award cash prizes and special awards to a couple contestant per category for creativeness and poise.

We will have Great Role Models on hand to TEACH and Special VIP Guests & Performers!

Investment Entry of $75 includes:
Workshop Training, Pageant, T-shirt, Trophy, Uplifting Booklet, and Bracelet!

For PACKET information that includes, Mission Statement, FAQ Sheet, Guidelines & Application, please email me at
Registration & Deadline is December 5, 2009 and payment is due in full at that time.
We accept, cash, check & paypal.

We are SO excited! Join us!

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